How to Find the Perfect Apartment or House to Rent

Finding the perfect apartment or rental home is a very personal matter and usually dependent on budgets, moving schedules, the season, wants vs. needs, lifestyles and the sometimes undefinable ‘it’ factor. Fortunately, Durango has an apartment or house to rent for every budget, season, want and need, and for nearly every lifestyle.  You just have to act quickly.  We will help you get a better handle on the always unpredictable ‘it’ factor that makes a new rental your perfect rental.

Find Apartment or House to Rent

Finding the perfect apartment or house to rent is easier than you think.

Rental property owners are looking for high-quality tenants.  High-quality tenants pay on time, rent longer, put less wear and tear on the unit and generally cause less problems – a landlord’s delight.  Well-maintained properties offered for reasonable rent encourage happy tenants and landlords want happy tenants.  There are many property owners anxious to find high-quality tenants for their rental properties.

Before you look, determine what you can afford.  Historically it’s recommended that most people spend no more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs and be ready to rent knowing that Landlords or property management companies want to run a background check and verify your financials. Once you know what you can responsibly afford, you can begin to narrow down the options based on your preferences.  Are you looking for a view from a patio or deck, or a backyard for your pet? Are you looking for an apartment, duplex, townhome or single-family home? Do stairs matter?
Now that you know what you can afford and are prepared to look there’s a whole host of apps designed to make the search a snap.  Living in “small town Durango,” you will probably have better luck viewing listings with property managers instead.

Zillow Rentals

Custom your search to specific features such as pet policy, in-unit laundry or on-site parking, and save the searches that interest you the most.

Trulia Rental

Use its one-click feature for direct contact with the property manager, without having to fill out an inquiry form for every apartment that interests you.

Includes details of amenities apartment communities offer, and additional fees to expect, in its map-based app. With 3-D tours, you can see an apartment before even visiting the property. Rentals

Browse by map or photo view. The app lets you set up alerts for apartments that meet your criteria as they come on the market. One tap allows you to contact the leasing agent directly.


Zumper offers access to an inventory of more than 1 million rental listings, with instant alerts as residences that meet your needs come online. Zumper also partners with Experian to provide your credit report for submitting a rental application securely using the app.

Apartment Finder

A site that caters to new renters and budget-conscious tenants. The app offers filters that help apartment hunters find the best deal based on their budget.

Apartment Guide

This guide provides HD photos and floor plans for a deeper look at available spaces and allows you to save listings and send to a friend for a second opinion.

Another resource that allows you to find available visit times and book a tour for the apartments you’re interested in. You can narrow down your search based on residents’ reviews.

Local property management companies offer a vast inventory of properties and the experience that a tenant will have moving into a rental run by a management company, contrary to one that is taken care of by the owner/landlord will likely be dramatically different. While there are probably quite a few great property owners that will care about their tenants’ satisfaction, there just usually isn’t any consistency to how good or bad a living situation could be.

Additionally, there are usually plenty of services provided by property management companies that can’t realistically be expected or met by a single owner.   If you have an unexpected need of repairs in your new home, one of the advantages of having a property management company available is that they already have skilled professionals in place who are always available and know how to do the job right.

A management company means having access to a skilled team of people who can meet any needs or issues that you might have.  And when property management companies are responsible for the exterior and landscaping, you can be sure it’s a part of their routine schedule. They specialize in developing a maintenance routine that ensures a beautifully kept property to create a much better community experience.
It seems that one of the biggest steps owners/landlords take to demonstrate that they care about their tenants is by hiring a property management company.  This way tenants can have access to the assistance (emergency or non-emergency) that renters can be faced with.  This can contribute to a safer general environment and reduces and stress both on the part of the tenant and the landlord. Owners usually can’t and usually don’t want to spend their days in pursuit of the best service for their tenants, but reputable Property management companies do. They work full-time to ensure the best service for their tenants and their property owners.




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