How to Make Your Rental Property More Attractive to Tenants

As vain as it might seem, curb appeal is first and foremost!  We know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but first impressions are huge when tenants are first looking at your rental property.  So we can’t say enough about curb appeal. Your property’s interior could be magazine-ready, but if your rental lacks curb appeal you’re either going to have a harder time renting it – or you’re going to attract the wrong renters.

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Follow this checklist for the best possible curb appeal:

  • Trim the shrubbery and trees back for a clean look, easy access and more sunlight
  • Keep the lawn well-manicured
  • Give the outside a fresh coat of paint – especially the trim
  • Replace the front door, and the doormat
  • Make sure the mailbox, light fixtures, and address numbers are sparkling
  • Have a discreet area for all garbage and recycling cans
  • Repair any hardscape elements, such as brick walkways or retaining walls
  • Lastly, power wash everything!


You probably didn’t want to hear this because it’s not as glamorous as all the other advice out there, but it’s fundamental to finding a great renter.  After your tenant leaves, deep clean everything.   Kitchens and bathrooms should sparkle! Tiles, counter tops and work surfaces should be gleaming. Don’t forget to clean the grout, too. Remember that by keeping your property in excellent condition you’ll have not only a better chance of renting it to quality renters, but you may also justify a higher rental rate.


You did it!  Your dream renters are enamored with your beautiful landscaping and the property is shiny and clean.  This is where staging comes into play!  Rental staging done right will elevate your property above the competition.  This helps it rent faster than the rest and for top dollar. Landlords who have  successfully staged their properties in the past have reported finding better and more long-term tenants as a result. Renters can often misjudge the size of a space and miss opportunities. Staging the property opens their imagination and lets them see the real possibilities.  After key pieces of furniture have been staged in each room, add comfortable, luxurious details like hanging up a couple of quality-made white robes in the bathroom, set up some mugs and first-rate coffee on a tray in the kitchen, or place a caddy over the tub for a book and a drink. Go the extra mile and lay out the dining room table and/or kitchen bar with attractive place settings.  This will give your prospective renters a higher perceived value of your rental and, overall, make it more attractive. What past tenant?  Eliminate all evidence of past renters. New feels good!  Used does not.



The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important rooms for your property, so if you can afford to make upgrades, make them here.  The better the kitchen is equipped, the more impressive it will look to a potential tenant. So make sure you have a modern, clean kitchen they can use, and equip it with high quality appliances.  The difference between an old and new bathtub, or between old and new countertops, can make a significant difference in the eyes of your interested tenants.  Don’t overlook storage either!  Whether you’re renting to a singleton or a family, everyone needs more storage.  You can shop online for a multitude of storage ideas and space saving devices to create more storage in every room.


If your renters have children, highlight everything that adds to their safety.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors fitted throughout, window locks, nonslip flooring in a bathroom, appliances that have been secured to the wall are great ways to show your rental off as a child-safe zone.  Kids also love to be outside so a child-safe fence fitted all the way around with a lockable entrance will be very appealing!  If your property has water features, they should be securely fenced and lockable.  Fencing is important to families with children or anyone with pets, so if you don’t have a fence, you might want to get one built.


Many renters have larger pets like dogs and cats.  Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find a rental that is pet-friendly.  Typically, pet owners are fine with an additional pet deposit. They just want to be able to have their pets living with them.  Some research has also shown that pet owners are often prepared to pay 10 percent or more rent to accommodate their pets, and these pet-loving tenants tend to hold longer leases.


Take lots of images and videos of your property to include in your advertising and, if you can, get them professionally done. Again, it may sound vain and/or unnecessary, but attractive, accurate, up-to-date pictures will invite better and more interested tenants. Create social media accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and YouTube to show and advertise your property.

Technological Edge

Take it one step further by using technology to manage your property.  Make it as easy as possible for your tenants to communicate with you.  And communication is a two-way street.  For example, you can send out rent due reminders a few days in advance via text and email or set up an online maintenance request system for your tenant or offer electronic payment methods including automatic payments from a preferred account or an online payment processing system.  These kind of offerings might not seem like much, but it could be just the edge you need to secure a top-notch tenant.

Making renters comfortable is an easy task if you dedicate yourself to making sure your property provides the things that make a home comfortable and safe.  If your property doesn’t have it, another one will.  With a bit of effort, care and forethought, your rental property can be the one in which great renters find everything they are looking for.

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